Here you go!

Welcome to a little bit of my world, you can toil around just for a bit, then you can happily go back to your own world. Don’t like uncomfortable silence, you see.

Generally I like to keep things to myself, but funnily enough, I have decided to start a blog! About what :-/ hmm… good question! Well the answer is (similar to the answer for most of the good questions) I don’t know!  To give you a general idea, the topics might include (but will not be limited to)  food, drinks, travel, decor, friends, fitness, fun, fashion, frustration etc. Well, I should have named my blog Don’t worry, I will try not to digress in my posts, can’t promise though!

Unfolding my world, one blogpost at a time.

Happy Reading!

PS : I just thought of an ulterior motive, yay! My aim is to add one new post everyday, so that I can finally capture the devil that has eluded me all my life… ‘Regularity’. Discipline might just be a byproduct and I will be happy to embrace that as well. Woohoo! I have a resolution.

PPS: You know what, I suspect that the motivation to finally start a blog was a result of running out of things to do in order to avoid the most important thing to do i.e, FIND A JOB. Damn you, Procrastination :|.  Too late to withdraw now, I have a resolution.  I guess I have no choice but to unleash the biggest power to keep procrastination in check – Mommy!  And now I have three of them! This is just brilliant :p outsource the most difficult job, haha all three of them are in India as well. So, Aai, Mumma, and Atya… read my blogposts and if you think I am blogging too much, you know what you have to do! Sorry Neeru tai, didn’t include you in mother figures because:

a) you are not that old


b) you can’t scold.

Anamika can be blamed for this motivation as well, no wait her job was inception…Shubham did the nudging.  Now you know whom to hunt down if you want payback for your wasted  time, you know just in case you don’t chuckle whilst reading this. OKAY, the PS and the PPS have more words than the real thing, I should acknowledge this sign and move on to writing a new post. ( I know I should have realized that I am writing a PPS, who writes a PPS !) Well let’s say when creativity is driving you, the PPS is like the sign that says STOP sign ahead and when you exceed the number of words you wrote in your real post you reach the STOP sign :). Don’t want a ticket, see you in the next post.


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