I have to work very hard to eat fruits. I really have to cajole myself! But, when it comes to buying fruits, its just the opposite… I think ooh they are so good for me I should buy them, once I buy them I will have no choice but to eat’em, so smart, Right?  As you must have guessed, No, that never happens.

So, I end up with a lot of uneaten fruit lying around.. and it stays there until it starts shriveling. Thats when I realize I shouldn’t waste it, I should do something with it.  That ‘something’ just cannot be eating though! Since by the time I come to this realization, its not fresh anymore… doesn’t appeal to me at all. I buy them because they look attractive but I use them out of pity. Shame on me?

In order to save the fruit, I start coming up with ideas of what I can do with it… under the high pressure of making its life fruitful ;). This time around I came up with this :

Blueberry cream and Orange lolly




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