Baby Bella Sandwiches

Yum! That’s what I had for lunch today.Image

I want to apologize to everybody for not posting anything for more than a month. I am deeply sorry. I did not do so because my husband had a surgery and then there were a series of complications so we were in and out of the hospital all these days. The good news is that he has recovered, and started going back to work today, so I figured I should start posting on WordPress again! So here I am 🙂

The other good thing that happened in the last two months was that we got to watch so much of travel channel! I love Andrew Zimmern and Adam Richman. I ate a spicy octopus salad the other day, I was always adventurous about my food but I discovered that I have this shellfish allergy :(.  I wonder if I should just eat ’em crustaceans and pop a Benadryl later!

Last night I was watching a show called Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and it featured a great place in Boston which is famous for its hand-crafted sandwiches – Cutty’s. I got inspired by their love for sandwiches and decided to make a great sandwich for lunch today.

What I used:

White and Wheat Swirl Bread

Fat free Cheese

Baby Portobella Mushrooms


Romaine Lettuce

Roma Tomatoes



Olive Oil


Honey Mustard

Smart Balance Butter

Italian Seasoning


Freshly Ground Black Pepper

What I did:

I sautéed the garlic, shallot, sliced mushroom and washed spinach in olive oil. Then I added vinegar, italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Once this mixture was ready, I assembled the sandwich with the bread, tomatoes, cheese and honey mustard.

It was delicious, couldn’t wait to eat it, hence the half eaten picture ;).