Paneer stuffed biscuit!

I had been aching to bake since the breadsticks turned out so good. That was a long time ago, I baked them yesterday:) and I was honestly aching to bake! I dreamt about all these baked goodies in the little sleep that I got. Bear claw, biscuits, pizzas, cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes…you name it and I wanted it.
Anyway I had been thinking about trying empanadas or calzones but I really don’t like frying… So I thought of giving my absolute favorite southern food- ‘the biscuit’, a North Indian twist and satisfy all my cravings at once. Brilliant 😀

How did I do that?

I made the dough for normal buttermilk biscuits set the oven to 400 F. I then let the dough sit, the oven preheat and in the meantime I made my filling : diced paneer, scallions, cilantro, Thai chili pepper, red pepper, tomato paste, salt, sugar and a pinch of garam masala. I took one egg, made the egg wash and used the rest in the filling.
Press the dough flat on a tiny dusted cast iron skillet layer on the filling cover with a layer of flat dough, secure the circumference by pressing all around. Brush the top with egg wash. Make three tiny slits at the top and bake for 12 minutes! That’s it, And don’t forget to serve with bacon:)



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