For the Love of Ricotta!

I was obsessed with Ricotta cheese for a while, and it showed. I swear it was easier to spot it on my body than in my cooking! Who cares! I openly confess— YES! Ricotta, you are sinful, I have sinned, and I cannot have enough of you. Although, I have to declare that I am still in love with Desi Ghee and always will be.

To get back to my obsession with Ricotta, I put it in everything for a while — from banana walnut pancakes with brown sugar,to lemon drop cookies,to pineapple orange cake, to mango souffle! Ricotta imparted a heavenly, light, and fluffy texture to everything it went into… including my thighs. During the Ricotta ages – I also lacked the discipline to click a picture of the deliciousness before digging in. I blame it all on the Ricotta, you can too!

Fluffy and airy banana walnut pancake

Fluffy and airy banana walnut pancake

photo 2 photo 3

So, I have decided to quit cold turkey. No more ricotta in my house now… for sometime :p


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