Crispy Cucumber Cups

crisp n fresh

These tiny little edible salad cups make a great appetizer. What’t not to like? These look so cute, are very easy to make, and the best part – they are so good for you!

The coolness from the cucumber the crunch from the carrots, the kick from ginger and the citrus from the lime zest… make these a perfect way to refresh after a hot summer day and get ready for a great evening.



Aesthetics have always been very important to me, don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge a book by its cover but all I am saying is … It can’t hurt to make something look good. That is precisely what I like to do to the food I dish out – make it look good (making it taste good is the main goal, which goes without saying).

Since there is no way (yet) for me to let you smell, taste, touch or eat the things I prepare, I figured I can upload some pictures to indulge your sense of sight. If food talked, I would have uploaded some conversations with it just for your ears :p, but alas!

I have been taking these pictures since a long time now, to share with my family back home. I would have written a recipe post for these but that would be cheating, since I have resolved to add a new post everyday. No stale food will be served in person or online. EVER!

So this is just a page to share  pretty pictures of my previous experiments and today’s post will be added later in the day.

PS: Yes, again! Shubham and I both like to think that we cook good food and both of us say that the other one cooks better 😉 but we have a sort of undeclared Iron Chef competition going on. Tell you what, if it was declared, I will take away all the points for plating :).

Accidental Camouflage

Accidental Camoflage

I wonder why this butterfly chose to blend in with this withering flower!  What was the purpose that evolution had in mind when designing this match? In a way it is great, its not being wasteful.

On a side note, I was happy to focus on the subjects and blur the background in this photograph.