Carrot Ginger Soup

I loved this soup it is so easy, so quick, and sooooo good! I hadn’t been feeling very well lately…was coughing all night. So, my mother asked me to have a lot of ginger, turmeric and cloves. These herbs are amazing and I am already feeling better. My body was begging me to give it more ginger. Ginger has a lot of health benefits. Indian moms instill that in you, i.e, health benefits of herbs and spices. They always concoct some home remedy for any small problem you have.  So, I missed my mom a lot when I accidentally came across this show by James Wong. The show is all about home remedies and is called – Grow your own drugs.

I confess, even though my mom and my mom-in-law coaxed me to quickly mix a few kitchen ingredients and make a remedy that makes me feel better, I wasn’t motivated enough to get out of bed and do all the work. But, when I was lazily flipping channels and came across this show,  I took it as a sign – “Ketki, you must now get out of bed and make your own medicine”, said a voice in the back of my head.   Therefore, I made this soup and the soup made me feel so much better that I went ahead and made the poppy seeds thingy as well (the one that my mom-in-law suggested).

I followed this recipe for the soup and it turned out to be very healthy and hearty. I am definitely gonna make it again.



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